Location: Warroad Fishing Pier

Managed by: City of Warroad

Management Address

121 Main Ave NE
Warroad MN 56763

The Warroad Fishing Pier is found with the Warroad Point Park located where the Warroad River meets Lake of the Woods. The pier gives fisher persons the ability to fish one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the Nation excluding the Great Lakes. “Lake of the Woods (French: lac des Bois) is a lake occupying parts of the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and the U.S. state of Minnesota.[1] It separates a small land area of Minnesota from the rest of the United States. The Northwest Angle and the town of Angle Township can only be reached from the rest of Minnesota by crossing the lake or by traveling through Canada. The Northwest Angle is the northernmost part of the contiguous United States. Its "northwestern most point" served as a problematic landmark in treaties defining the international border. Lake of the Woods is fed by the Rainy River, Shoal Lake, Kakagi Lake and other smaller rivers. The lake drains into the Winnipeg River and then into Lake Winnipeg. Ultimately, its outflow goes north through the Nelson River to Hudson Bay. Lake of the Woods is over 70 miles (110 km) long and wide, and contains more than 14,552 islands and 65,000 miles (105,000 km) of shoreline. It would amount to the longest coastline of any Canadian lake, except that the lake is not entirely within Canada. Lake of the Woods is also the sixth largest freshwater lake located (at least partially) in the United States, after the five Great Lakes.” As taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_of_the_Woods


 “Is that trophy walleye on your bucket list? Look no further… Lake of the Woods has them, along with northern pike, perch, muskie and bass. With 317,000 acres of Minnesota waters, Lake of the Woods is a fishing enthusiast’s dream come true. This “super-sized” fishing hole is right out Warroad’s front door.

Area resorts and fishing guides are happy to show you where the fish are biting. Whether you choose a spot on the open water of Lake of the Woods, or some place along the perimeter of the big water, you are sure to have an unforgettable fishing experience.

Lake of the Woods is accessible at the Warroad Point Park where there is plenty of free parking and fish cleaning houses. Fishing supplies are available in Warroad at the locations listed below.”  As taken from;  https://visitwarroad.com/fishing/

Visitors wanting to use the pier will find accessible parking located in close proximity to the pier with a path of travel that is tar, concrete and boardwalk.  A portion of the route has a section of sidewalk that is a little bit in disrepair but is much more accessible than most routes that lead to piers.  Anglers can park closer to the pier if they choose not to use the accessible parking area to cut down on the distance they would need to travel to get to the pier.  The pier is a floating one and similar to many found in Minnesota.  The railing cutout is not the best for persons using mobility devices due to the design.  Though this design is probably more comfortable for those fishing, it does present a barrier when trying to reach over to land a fish, please see pictures.   For persons wanting the opportunity to land a large Northern some say the best time of year would be in the spring when ice is out and bait fish are swimming into the river to access warmer waters or when other fish are going into the river to spawn.  If you choose to try this please refer to the Minnesota’s fishing regulations to insure the season is open, Minnesota closes the season for both walleye and northern in the spring during the spawning season.   The only obstacle that was noted was close to the transition point on the boardwalk where two sections were joined together and one section is greater than a half inch above the other (see pictures). 

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From Hwy 11 take Lake Street to the east following it to Lake of the Woods, at the point where the Warroad River meets Lake of the Woods you will find the pier to the west of the boat landing.


Warroad is one of the larger northwestern area cities and offers many types of businesses to choose from. Visitors will find bait and tackle shops as well as other types of stores to fulfill their needs. Warroad’s chamber offers people interested in fishing many informational pages within their website that will give visitors insight on fishing opportunities in both the winter and summer. Please use the following link and choose from the many topical areas listed under the Fishing tab, https://visitwarroad.com/chamber-of-commerce/


The Warroad area offers visitors many types of accommodations. Visitors can choose from area resorts, motels, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and camping areas to fulfill their accommodation needs. Visitors are directed to https://visitwarroad.com/chamber-of-commerce/ for a listing of area businesses that offer accommodations or to request a visitor’s guide.