Location: Itasca State Park Fishing Pier

Managed by: Itasca State Park, MN DNR

Management Address

36750 Main Park Drive
Park Rapids MN 56470

"Established in 1891, Itasca is Minnesota's oldest state park. Today, the park totals more than 32,000 acres and includes more than 100 lakes. Walk across the mighty Mississippi as it starts its winding journey 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. Stand under towering pines at Preacher's Grove. Visit the Itasca Indian Cemetery or Wegmann's Cabin, landmarks of centuries gone by. Camp under the stars, or stay the night at the historic Douglas Lodge or cabins. Explore Wilderness Drive past the 2,000-acre Wilderness Sanctuary, one of Minnesota's seven National Natural Landmarks." 2017, DNR web site http://dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/itasca/index.html


The fishing pier found within the Park is similar to most found in northwestern Minnesota.  It is a floating pier with a metal threshold that compensates for lake level changes.  

This pier is one of the more challenging piers for persons with ambulatory disabilities who do not use adaptive equipment of any kind to get to; this is due to the distance from the parking area to the pier and the poor accessible route.  More pictures are included showing the various portions of the accessible route to try to give users an idea of the layout.    The parking area serves three activities including a large tourist boat ride, boat landing and trail head.  The parking area includes an accessible parking space that is designated by a sign but due to the lot being gravel no painted lines.  The most likely parking area, parking lot is not flat, requires the user to go across roadways to get to the accessible route leading to the fishing pier.   The route to the pier is to the northeast of the parking area.  The best parking is to the southwest of the parking area.  The first leg of the accessible route, divided by a walking bridge, has a rougher gravel base while the route after the bridge is wider and seemed to be made of crushed rock.  The distance could be up to 100 yards so persons may need to bring someone to assist them getting their equipment to the pier.  You may also need a chair so you can rest, there are no places to sit until you get to the pier where you will find benches at the fishing arae.   The pier has a vertical railing design to help make fishing easier.  Fisherman may need to bring a landing net due to the distance from the water surface over the railing and to the deck of the pier. 

This park is one of the busiest in the State so fisherman may have to use a bobber vs. casting since the pier may be busy with other fisherman and people sitting behind the fishing area on benches provided to view the water.  The most common fish found is bluegill, crappie, walleye, northern pike, and largemouth bass. 


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In Itasca State Park located on lake shore by taking service road too and around Douglas Lodge. Driving from Park Rapids the park is located 21 miles north on Hwy 71, on the southeast shore. From Bemidji the park is located 34 miles south on Hwy 71.


Itasca State Park has various food vendors, gift shops, boat rental as well as bike rentals available for visitors. Outside the Park visitors can find gas stations in close vicinity to the park. Larger big box stores can be found in the larger communities found close by like Bemidji and Park Rapids while the smaller communities feature many other smaller shops and vacation type gift shops. The area is in the heart of one Minnesota most visited tourist areas.


Cabins, rooms, and camping sites are all found within the park but visitors are cautioned that you have to reserve the rooms way in advance. In addition to these visitors can stay at area hotels and motels found within area towns as well as camping and cabins at resorts located within close proximity.