Location: Hayes Lake State Park

Managed by: MN DNR

Management Address

48990 County Road 4
Roseau MN 56751

Hayes Lake State Park was started in 1967 by daming the north fork of the Roseau River. It was developed to give area residents a smaller body of water in which to recreate. “Some days it's just you, loons, and moose, while you traverse around Hayes Lake. Fed by the north fork of the Roseau River, the lake supports crappie, sunfish, largemouth bass, and northern. Birdwatchers have spotted over 200 species in or near the park. The summer is perfect to look for orchids, gentians, and blueberries (you can pick the berries, but not the flowers). Visitors also enjoy swimming and canoeing in the lake, along with camping. Trails for hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and horseback riding connect with the Beltrami Island State Forest. Located on the western perimeter of vast, sparsely populated wildlands within Beltrami Island State Forest, Hayes Lake State Park offers visitors recreation enjoyment and access to hundreds of square miles of untamed land great scenic views. Man-made Hayes Lake meets the forest edge for spectacular shoreline timber views.” As taken from the DNR website, http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/hayes_lake/index.html


Since this pier is within the boundaries of a State Park users will have to purchase a day pass or a yearly pass, for Minnesota Residents with a permanent disability a reduced rate pass may be purchased, for Vets with service connected disabilities a free pass may be secured.  When looking at the surroundings in close proximity to the pier one can see small row boats, canoes, and single person kayaks for rent.  This may pose a problem while fishing if users use these to recreate in close proximity to the pier.  While using reviewing this pier a great number of horse flys were in the area, so anglers will want to bring bug spray.  Also, this pier is remote with a gas station seen within 5 miles to the entrance gate but no other stores so supplies should be purchased prior to getting to the Park.  As in other areas of Northern Minnesota phone reception is limited so anglers should insure that friends know they are fishing within the Park or Park Rangers to insure you do not get stranded with no mean to get help if you are alone.   

This pier will present a challenge to anglers with disabilities due to the distance one has to travel from the designated accessible parking area, the route leading to the pier and the great slope one will encounter to get down the bank and onto the pier. The slope registered at 19% on one side of the ramp and 16% on the other.   This presents users with a cross slope that is greater than normal standards.  Between the parking area and pier is the boat ramp that is accessed by a circular drive separated by woods.  At the point where the roadway meets the boat ramp the route leading to the pier starts.  An angler could drive to this point and unload so to reduce the trip distance to half, instead of the multiple trips it could take to get all the gear to the pier.  The route is dirt, sand, small stones, and grass and in areas crowned.  Users may find that the route is difficult to navigate across during times of wet weather. 

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Users traveling to the park will generally be using either State Hwy 89 or Cnty Hwy 9 both run north/south and are parallel to each other. From these Hwys persons should turn east onto Roseau Cnty Hwy 4 and follow it until one meets River Forest Rd where you will turn southeast. Forest River Road is 8.7 miles from 89 and 2.7 from 9. The park is located one half mile from turn off.


There a few smaller communities located on the way to the park as well as larger communities a greater distance away from the park. The smaller general stores usually offer gas as well as other necessities. For persons wanting to shop at larger big box stores the closest community is either Bemidji or Thief River Falls. Roseau offers many stores to choose from also.


The park offers camping but persons not wanting to camp will have to travel to either, Thief River Falls, Roseau, or Warroad to fulfill their accommodation needs. The most diverse types of accommodations is around Warroad offering resorts where one can rent a cabin. Roseau or Thief River Falls do are not by any resorts but do have motels and hotels. It is suggested that people needing accessible accommodations ask the agents to describe their rooms to insure they fulfill their needs.