Location: Bisbee Dam - Big Coulee Pier

Managed by: Towner County

Management Address

315 2 ST
Cando ND 58324

A reservoir of the Big Coulee, the Big Coulee Dam has created a body of water encompassing 253 acres with an average depth of close to 10 feet and a max depth of 27 feet. The recreational area surrounding the reservoir offers visitors a swimming area, camp ground, boat landing, and fishing pier. This area is renowned for its duck hunting and is part of the prairie pothole region one of the Nations major duck producing areas.


The area where the pier is located is on the deeper part of the Big Coulee.  

Various fish species can be found here including Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Yellow Perch though anglers are cautioned, the reservoir may freeze out during winters with long periods of sub-zero weather.  No accessible parking is available, in fact parking looks like a free for all. Getting to the pier with a wheelchair or walker will be a challenge because the road connecting to the pier is broken up. The ramp itself is accessible. The railing is too tall for someone in a wheelchair. The site could possibly be accessible when raining but not when it is snowing.

The pier located on this water-way is similar in design to most found in northeastern North Dakota being "T" shaped and a floater.  The area where this pier is found seems to be managed through mostly volunteer help with the immediate area leading to the pier and encompassing the pier being very primitive.  There is no accessible route leading to the pier so visitors will have to navigate across a walking route which is very rough.  

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This site is located one mile east of Bisbee on ND Hwy 66/84 ST NE until you reach the Dam Rd where you will turn north following the Dam Rd until you reach your destination.