Location: Mt Carmel Dam Recreation Area Fishing Pier

Managed by: Cavalier County Water Resource Board

Management Address

901 3rd St., Ste. 8
Langdon ND 58249

Mt. Carmel Dam Recreation Area is a very popular destination offering visitors camping (seasonal, monthly, and daily rates), picnicking, swimming, a boat ramp, and fishing docks from which to recreate. Locals are very friendly and will gladly assist you in learning what is biting and what to use for bait. The fishing pier found at Mount Carmel Dam can give anglers a chance to catch perch, walleye, and northern pike. A netting report produced by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department it was reported that the perch are on the smaller size, with the Northerns in the 21" to 28" range. The same report found that most of the walleye's are under 2 pounds (North Dakota Game and Fish Department 2014).


This pier is within a recreation area that can hold a couple hundred camping units so weekend usage maybe high.  It was reviewed in mid-August on a Tuesday with surprisingly very few campers using their units and no one on the water, using the beach, fishing piers, picnic areas, or playgrounds.  The fishing pier is modular built from many floating units.  It is “T” shaped with lowered railings located between the higher railings creating spaces for fishing.  When using the gangplank to access the fishing area one can feel the dock moving with each step as it bounces in the water, but it seems very stable.   While researching the dock the advertising shows people with large electric mobility devises using the docks so the manufacturer must have factored in the higher potential weights of the large chairs and users.  The threshold of the gangplank is slightly higher than a ½ inch.  A parking area is provided off the side of the gangplank, located on the turf.  The accessible parking spot is designated by a single sign.  Because the parking is located in such close proximity to the dock anglers would be able to intercept anyone parking too close as to block the deployment of their lift.  The turf from the parking area to the threshold of the gangplank is surprisingly firm, at least during the evaluation.  It had been raining and the area was not slippery so it leads the Evaluator to believe it would be usable in various types of weather conditions.  The pier has no seating available so users will have to bring their own.   

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The fishing pier is located 9 miles north on County Hwy 1 (160 Ave NE), 2 miles east on 102nd St NE, and 2 miles north on 108th Ave NE. Driving from Langdon on Cnty. Hwy 1 drivers will see signs directing them to the site. When drivers are directed north on 108 Ave a sign will be seen stating that the road has a dead end at that point drivers should turn to the right (east). Drivers are to keep heading east to the recreation area.


Langdon is the closest community found from fishing Site with all the amenities a small town has to offer. Visitors can follow this business directory link to identify where the business they are looking for is located. http://www.cityoflangdon.com/business_directory.html


Langdon offers visitors a couple motels to choose from as well as a Bed and Breakfast (see link above for listing), if you are looking for a campground one can be found a few miles away from the fishing pier as well as within the city limits of Langdon.