Location: Hastings Landing Fishing Pier

Managed by: City of Drayton

Management Address

122 S Main St
Drayton ND 58225

"Nestled along the Red River of the North, Drayton, North Dakota is one of North Dakota’s most picturesque little cities." "As the Catfish Capital of the North we host the annual Rod and Reel Rally each August that brings more than 100 fishermen to Drayton." "To get to know this little gem of the North, stop by and visit Drayton, ND, the catfish capital of the north!" (excerpts taken from the Drayton Chamber of Commerce web site http://www.draytonnd.com/) The Red River of the North is internationally known for its Channel Cat fishing and this area of the Red is particularly known for larger fish. The Red River boasts more than 70 species of fish including some of North America’s finest game fish. The Red River offers excellent fishing opportunities for channel catfish, walleye, northern pike, and some lesser known fish.


The fishing pier located in Drayton, ND is found in an area that is used for their annual cat fishing tournament.  Within this area there is a boat landing, large open area in which to park, a concrete walkway and fishing pier.   Users can see the boat ramp as well as the flat area which looks as though it is used for parking across the roadway leading to the boat ramp from the fishing pier.  Without any defined parking area it would be assumed visitors could park in close proximity to the fishing pier.  This would reduce the amount of rough, tire rutted area a user would have to cross in order to access the fishing piers gangplank.  The threshold of the gangplank is not dug in as much as it could be.  The Red River can fluctuate a great deal due to rain and spring run off so it is suggested that a person call the Drayton Chamber of Commerce in order to insure that the pier is open for fishing.  The gangplank can have a rather steep slope dependent on water levels so a person may need some assistance getting on and off the pier.   Users should also supply their own seating as none is provided on the pier.  The railings of the pier are rather high so users will need a long handled landing net.  

For persons not used to fishing on state boundary waters please refer to the proper section defining catch limits for Minnesota/North Dakota Boundary waters.   Prior to going down the roadway taking one to the pier, on the left is a fish cleaning station that has a lowered counter.  The station has a walkway leading to it with a concrete apron and shelter protecting users from rain. 

It is suggested that anglers keep the bait just above the bottom. The sliding sinker rig, which keeps the bait closer to the bottom, works especially well for channel catfish, carp, and freshwater drum. The current is very fast so anglers will also need a heavy weight to hold the bait in the current and cast some 30 degrees up river so that the weight settles in at the spot the angler would like to rest at.

Some of the text information and the picture (see above) showing how to set up your fishing rigs are taken from a Brochure printed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (2002) "Fishing on the Red River of the North" and can be accessed in its entirety through this link files.dnr.state.mn.us/areas/fisheries/baudette/redfishing.pdf

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Within the downtown district of Drayton traveling on South Main Street turn east (towards river) on Grant Ave which will bring down to Hastings Landing.


Drayton has various shops available users are directed to the following web site for more information http://draytonnd.com/development-and-housing/business-directory/. For people wanting to access big box stores Grafton, ND is the next largest city followed by Grand Forks, ND.


Two motels are located in Drayton their contact information and brief descriptions can be accessed by going to http://draytonnd.com/development-and-housing/business-directory/business_category/hotelmotel/ People can aslo access camping one site within the city limits and another just north of Drayton.