Location: Northwest Fishing Ramp Alexander Ramsey Park

Managed by: City of Redwood Falls Park and Recreation

Management Address

901 Cook St
Redwood Falls MN 56283

The Redwood Falls Park offers visitors access to trails, camping, picnicking, overlooks, and shoreline fishing access. Stocked annually with German Brown Trout the Redwood River found in the heart of the Park has two shore line fishing ramps. The author has taken the liberty to distinguish the two ramps by location, one being in the northwest while the other next to it is to the southeast.


The Northwest Ramp has two levels to insure that anglers have access to the water at various water heights.  This pier is the farthest of the two from the designated parking area but are linked via a concrete walkway.  A maintenance road is located in close proximity to the southwest ramp which looks as though it could be used to drop off fishing gear, coolers etc. to cut down on the multiple trips it may take to bring personal items to the ramp from the parking areas.  Users could also bring a wagon or something similar to move items from the parking area to the ramp.  At the time of the site review it had recently rained 5 inches, resulting in a water level higher than the lower ramp so anglers would have to use the highest ramp, the design greatly increasing the access no matter the water level.      

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While traveling through Redwood Falls on Cnty Rd 19 from the west turn north on Grove Street. Follow into and through park to pin 12, see map https://redwoodareacommunitycenter.com/area-parks/alexander-ramsey-park/ramsey-park-map-guide/ .


Redwood Falls Chamber of Commerce offers people all sorts of shops http://redwoodfalls.org/


Please see http://redwoodfalls.org/tourism/lodging/ for a listing of motels and camping available.