Location: East Ditch Recreation Site

Managed by: City of Devils Lake, Engineering Dept.

Management Address

423 6th St NE
Devils Lake ND 58301

The City of Devils Lake has been working hard at promoting the Devils Lake Region as a first class Walleye fishing destination. Devil Lake offers anglers some of the best Walleye and Northern Pike fishing in the Midwest. Along with their promotion the City of Devils Lake has completed a great deal of development establishing three accessible fishing piers for persons with mobility disabilities. These have enabled more people with disabilities to access the water over the stone rip rap which blocked many people's access to the lake previously.


This pier is located on the northeastern portion of the Lake still within the City of Devils Lake.   As the water has receded from it's high water marks it has resulted in a water depth lower than when the pier was originally set in place.  In 2020 when the ramp was observed it was questionable whether people could simply drop a line from the pier and be deep enough to catch fish.  If you are planning on trying this pier please have a backup plan just in case the water has receded to such an extent it is not longer fishable.  Additionally with the water level change the distance from the pier deck to the water has increased to such a level anglers will have to cast a distance to reach deeper water.  When a fish is caught it will be difficult to retrieve the fish due to the distance from the water surface to net or pier, fish being suspended in the air flipping around.  

If an angler does a great deal of fishing from locations above the water too high to use a long handled net a netting rig can be made to assist.  In place of a net with a handle, take a net without the handle, you may have to fabricate your own ring.  Weight the bottom of the net so the net does not float, tie off the net ring similar to a parachute culminating into one line.  Use as few cords coming from ring as possible to make netting the fish easier.  The angler can then lower the net over the side of the pier into the water letting it sink.  If a fish is caught, while reeling in the fish pull it over to the net.  Once it is over the net pull the net up to the pier with the line and entrapped fish.  Pull the fish up with the net alternating between reeling in the line and while pulling up the net.

Many anglers fishing from shore use either a casting or a bobber rig at Devils Lake.  The casting technique is used for Northern Pike predominantly while the bobber rig more for Walleye but it is not unheard of for an occasional Northern Pike to be caught using the setup.  Dependent on your skills with your setup you will have to determine whether you can cast and retrieve from the elevation of this pier to make casting work for you.  Of the piers Managed by the City of Devils Lake this one involves the shortest distance from parking to fishing pier. 



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Just east of Walmart, turn south on Elks Dr. for one-quarter mile. Take the first left towards the pump station and dike, and drive to the 8 x 40 foot pier as reported at the https://devilslakend.com/fishing web site. .


Devils Lake has many businesses from which to choose including big box stores. For a listing people are directed to the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce, https://devilslakend.com/chamber-of-commerce .


Motels, Resorts, and Camping is available within the City of Devils Lake as well as around Devils Lake. For those so inclined Spirit Lake Casino