Location: LaSalle Lake Recreational Area

Managed by: MN DNR, Itaska State Park Headquarters

Management Address

36750 Main Park Drive
Park Rapids MN 56470

"At 221 acres in size and 213 feet in depth, LaSalle Lake is one of the most pristine and deepest lakes in Minnesota. The lake offers 18,600 feet of shoreline that provide wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities. Due to the side slopes of the LaSalle Creek glacial tunnel valley and the steepness of the bottom of LaSalle Lake, the lake’s littoral zone is relatively narrow and represents a very small portion of the lake’s surface area. LaSalle Lake supports numerous fish, including: walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, black crappie, and bluegill sunfish populations." As described by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/virtual_tour/la_salle_lake_state_recreation_area/dialup.html . The recreational area is managed through Itaska State Park for questions call (218) 699-7251.


Users are cautioned there is little or no cell service in this area so please inform others if fishing alone where you are at and when you plan to be back in case of mishap.  The site the pier is located at is a walk in site.  Great effort was made to give a person with a mobility impairment the easiest path of travel from the parking area to the pier.  The route is 6 feet wide and extends approximately a city block in length.  It will take effort to reach the pier due to the grade, as you make your way to the pier you will be traveling uphill for a short distance and then downhill.   For portions of both you will encounter areas that would be defined as ramps, both are steeper than 1/20.  Neither steep portions of the route offer any hand rails to assist you with the grade.  Once you come to the top rise from the accessible parking space traveling along a sidewalk you will start along a ramp.  Though it offers users no real handrail you could use the top of the rail to steady yourself if you are of taller stature or for shorter folks one of the boards running parallel to the ground along the ramp sides.  A user using the later, parallel member, to assist with their walking will have to let go periodically due to the mounting studs rising vertical from the base of the ramp.  Along the length of this route there are no benches so users should bring their own chair if needed.  This is true of the pier itself so the chair would have the added benefit of giving the user the ability to stop and rest along the route as well as a place to sit once fishing.   

The steepest grades are a little less than 1/12 (most ramps are built to a 1/12 measure) on the ramp portion of the route this extends almost 30 ft.  The rest of the grade found on the ramp is less than 1/20 while the sidewalk approach from the parking area to the ramp is also is almost as steep as 1/12 in sections.  

The “T” shaped pier has four areas cut out for fishing, though one has been partially filled with naturalist signage.  In all four sections the top rail has been replaced by a lowered angled board with holes drilled in it to place your fishing pole handle.  The top of this angled board is at 31” from the deck of the pier.  Seated users will have to be comfortable fishing above this member. 

Readers are directed to the DNR Website above to access additional information regarding the LaSalle Lake Recreational Area.  There are many accessible features to be found at this Recreational area from raised cooking platforms, accessible vault toilets, accessible play area and picnic area. 


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This is one of the newer outdoor areas so Google Maps overlay does not show all the elements of this site. I have placed the pin in the parking lot instead of placing it in the lake on the water. The roads in this map are pretty much the same as they are now so you should be able to use the pin to find where to park and then see the trail across from the accessible parking spot to follow to the pier.


This is a fairly remote area though there are many resorts which have necessities available to purchase. The largest box stores would be found in Bemidji to the north or Park Rapids to the south. Many of the smaller communities in close proximity also have necessities.


Camping is available at the Recreation Area as well as other public and private establishments close by. Hotels can be found in Bemidji and motels in some of the area communities. Cabins can be found at area resorts in some of the surrounding lakes. Readers should look on the map and research based on their travel patterns.