Location: Red Robe Park Fishing Pier

Managed by: City of Thief River Falls, Mn

Management Address

405 3rd St E
Thief River Falls MN 56701

Thief River Falls (TRF) is one of the larger northwestern Minnesota Communities which is on the confluence of the Thief River and Red Lake River. TRF has developed around the rivers incorporating these water ways into the backdrop or focal point of recreational activity for their residents and for visitors alike. One such recreational activity incorporates a fishing pier within one of their parks (Red Robe Park). This park also includes a picnic shelter, playground equipment, grills, with trail access which brings visitors along the scenic river.


The predominant fish fished for here are northern pike and walleye, other sport fishing species include crappie and small mouth bass.  The pier is an urban one with a concrete sidewalk leading from the accessible parking space to the pier.  The pier is "T" shaped with four cut outs along its length.  The cut outs have vertical posts rising upwards where the railing would have been.  

The pier's accessible route is long and steeper than a common ramp with the steepest portion being a little greater than 10% (a common ramp must be under 8.33%).  A little off the parking area users will have to navigate a cross slope as two sidewalks of varying elevations come together at a diagonal.  From this diagonal to the pier users will have to follow the ramp about 40 ft to the pier elevation.  As one travels from the sidewalk to the metal transition strip of the ramp they will encounter a gap on the one side where the transition strip does not rest completely flat on the sidewalk.  Users may need help getting up the slope back to their parking location though there is a railing along part of the sidewalk. 

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Red Robe Park is located on the west side of the confluence of the Thief River as it flows into the Red Lake River. The parking area for this park is located on Hwy 1, 8th Street, southwest of the Bridge leading over the Thief River, approximately 2 blocks west of Northland Community and Technical Collage. The pin for this map is placed on the accessible parking space. Users as they look towards the river will see the pier and the access route leading from the parking space to the pier. The satellite view must have been taken off season so it shows the pier on land for the winter rather than if the picture was from the summer where the pier would be seen in the River.


This pier is located in one of the largest regional shopping hubs so visitors can find smaller shops to big box stores, see theThief River Falls Chamber of Commerce's web page for listings, http://www.trfchamber.com/trf-open-businesses .


Thief River Falls, TRF, has various motels located in close proximity to the pier please see http://www.trfchamber.com/list/ql/lodging-travel-15 .