Location: Boat Ramp Fishing Pier

Managed by: Olmsted County

Management Address

Chester Woods Park 8378 Highway 14 East
Eyota Mn 55934

This park is located on the headwaters of Bear Creek and provides visitors with many amenities including multiple fishing piers. This pier though not designated as an accessible fishing pier does offer anglers the ability to fish over the main body of the reservoir. The elevation differences that are ideal for the construction of a reservoir make access difficult due to the high and usually steep banks surrounding the water. This can make it difficult for the visitor with a disability to access the water surface and some of the related recreational offerings of an area. Visitors have various ramps to choose from at this location all requiring differing ability levels. This fishing pier while not the easiest to use of the three does have a hard-surfaced trail.


The name used for this pier is related to the location of the pier and is not assigned by the Park.  The fishing pier can be accessed via the boat ramp parking area.  Though the trail is a hard surface it will challenge most people especially as they bring along all their fishing equipment.  The trail possesses both slopes and cross slopes which are greater than what would be found on a wheelchair ramp with one compound cross slope to maneuver over after the bridge from the parking lot down to the fishing pier.  It is also after this compound slope that one will have to maneuver over the steepest slope of the route.  No places to rest were noticed along the trail nor on the fishing pier so one may want to bring something to sit on for energy conservation.