Location: Larimore Dam Recreational Area Fishing Pier

Managed by: Grand Forks County

Management Address

Grand Forks County Office Building, 151 South 4th Street
Grand Forks ND 58201

The Larimore Dam Recreation Area and Myra Arboretum is located just off US Highway 2 along County road 4A on the Western edge of Grand Forks County. Construction on the Larimore Dam Recreation Area and the Myra Arboretum began in June of 1977 and was completed November of 1979. 333,749 cubic yards of fill were used in the construction. The height of the dam is 66 feet, with 72 acres of pool surface. Pool storage is 823 acre-feet with additional flood storage of 4,911 acre-feet. The drainage area covers 43 square miles. The project was built by the Grand Forks County Water Resource Board, Soil Conservation Service, and the USDA. It is also referred to as Upper Turtle River Watershed Project.


Walleye, Northern Pike, Blue Gill, Crappie, and Perch are the species that can be found within these waters.  It is regularly stocked by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department with Walleye, the last few years on an annual basis.  The fishing pier is located in the middle of the Recreational Area with a road leading to a parking area located in close proximity to the pier.  From the parking area Anglers will follow a concrete walkway to the threshold of the pier the transition of which meets all standards.  The pier itself is of an older design so seated anglers may experience arm fatigue from holding their rods above the guard rail.  There are rod holder's incorporated into the piers design but are not very convenient for people who use a mobility device.  Persons have to lean far forward reaching over and above the guard rail so they can be used. 

The pool area is a result of a Dam that has produced a lake which at its deepest is over 20 feet.  Considering the depth and the water movement it probably does not suffer the winter kill other bodies of water incur keeping the fishing population more robust.  Throughout the area picnic tables can be found but at the time the site was reviewed no accessible routes were seen connecting any of these tables or other elements such as cooking rings.  The only restrooms found with an accessible route leading to them were located at the campground.  The shower/restroom building does have a roll-in shower a larger toilet stall built to older standards where a user would have to pivot 180 degrees from their chair to the toilet.  The other restrooms reviewed were very primitive; though each may have fulfilled accessibility code in the 70s the stalls were way too small to provide a side transfer.  Users of wheelchairs would have a front transfer to access the stool and would have to navigate grass and/or hilly terrain to get to them. 

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Eastbound from Jct Hwy 18 & US 2: Go 2 mi E o n US 2, then 2 mi S & W on CR-4A//18th Ave NE (R)


Larimore, located three miles to the southwest, is the closest community to the Recreational area where people can fulfill most of their retail needs. If a person is looking to shop at a Big Box Store they can be found in Grand Forks to the East and Devils Lake to the West. Grand Forks is the closest to the Recreational Area.


The recreational area includes a camping area that is open to the public. If it is full, Turtle River State Park located east approximately 5 miles has additional camping available. If persons are looking for less primitive accommodations Motels can be found in Larimore, North Dakota, located three miles south from the recreational area as well as in Grand Forks and Devils Lake, North Dakota. Persons are cautioned to inquire about each establishment’s accommodations to insure it will be usable for them.