Location: North Duck Hunting Stand

Managed by: Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge

Management Address

17788 349th St. SE (Polk County 210)
Erskine MN 56535

Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Mississippi Headwaters/Northern Tallgrass Prairie convergence area. It is a key component of the prairie pothole mix of small wetlands surrounded by upland prairies and woodland savannas. This mix of small wetlands and uplands are crucial as breeding habitat for an array of migratory birds, including waterfowl, songbirds, shorebirds, and others. Some of the most unique is the Greater Prairie Chicken. (See http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Glacial_Ridge/about.html) To increase use by people with disabilities two blinds have been constructed and placed over slews at two separate locations giving people with disabilities the ability to hunt over water. The blinds are accessible via a driving trail. Normally the refuge is open to public use via foot traffic only. To qualify as a person with a disability in order to drive to and use the stands the person must be determined eligible for benefits for one of three Social Security Disability benefit programs, possess a State issued permanent Accessible Parking Permit, and/or have a 50% or greater impairment rating by the Veterans Administration. This stand is placed over a wetland area that supports brooding and migrating puddle ducks. It is accessed by a ramp that extends from the car trail to the stand floor.


Overlooking a prairie pothole this stand sits over the water during years with average precipitation. The slew is 3-4 feet deep surrounded by cattails. The shoreline drops 2-3 feet to the water surface at a very steep incline. A ramp provides access to the stand that extends from the edge of the roadway to the stand deck. Vehicles can stop to drop off passengers within feet of the ramp. The car trail leading to the stand is approximately ¼ mile from a parking area located off County Road 45. Average precipitation will not hinder access in most instances though a car with low ground clearance may have difficulties. Cell phone coverage is limited dependent on provider so it is recommended that anyone using the stand inform others of their destination and the duration of the trip in case of trouble. The area in which this stand is located is close to a county road but through traffic is sporadic with limited visibility to stand area from roadway hindering any possible assistance from random motorists.

Access to the slews surface is very difficult to impossible for persons with ambulatory disabilities or who use mobility devises. It is recommended that hunters bring an assistant to recover game and/or to set decoys. The stand is not camouflaged so hunters are encouraged to bring camo with them for that purpose. Common ducks that are seen are puddle with Canada geese and Sandhill Cranes flying in close proximity. The stand faces the east so you may want to bring sunglasses if glare is a problem as the sun rises. A hunter with a very good dog could hunt alone if willing to leave car in close proximity to the stand. The designated parking area is next to the County Road and vehicles may be parked there with the driver following the driving trail back to the stand, it is rough with pocket gopher mounds and some holes from badgers which has the potential to make walking difficult. Rolling would be next to impossible unless you have a large all terrain wheelchair. Users are cautioned that there is no walking trail to the stand so consequently no accessible path to the stand, this is why it is recommended that users bring someone to assist them in accessing the stand as well as recovering any game. Assistants can actively hunt with the person with a disability if they choose. During building of the stand which coincided with duck hunting season blue winged teal swam within 20 yards of the stand with the pickup radio blasting.  If hunting alone with a dog you maybe able to park next to it without the vehicle spooking the birds for a short time before the birds know what is going on.  

Please keep in mind you will not be seen from roadway or be able to signal for help, additionally phone service is limited to non-existent. Please set up a back-up emergency plan with people you trust. The stand and accompanying ramp is made with treated lumber suspended from an iron understructure. The ramp approach is level with the ground by digging it into the ground but users are cautioned that if any heavy rains have taken place there may be erosion making the transition greater than ½ inch.

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Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge is located in central Polk County of Minnesota, south of Red Lake Falls, North of Fertile, West of Mentor and East of Crookston. The stand is located south of the intersection of US Hwy 2 and State Hwy 32. From the intersection go south approximately 4 miles to County Rd 45. At County Road 45 turn west and travel 3 miles to parking lot C (south side of 45). On the southwest corner of the parking area a trail provides the access point to the stand which is approximately ¼ of a mile from parking area. From Fertile, County Road 45 is approximately 11 miles north on Hwy 32.


The closest town is Mentor which has food, gas, and a grocer (east eleven miles on County Road 45). The refuge has accessible porta-potties available during warmer weather, please visit the USFWS web-site link for location. http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Glacial_Ridge/about.html


The closest sleeping accommodations are located on Maple Lake (Inn at Maple Crossing) south of Mentor as well as the cities of Red Lake Falls, Crookston and Fosston. Overnight camping can be found in McIntosh and Fosston.

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