Location: Polk County Beach Fishing Pier

Managed by: Polk County of Minnesota

Management Address

612 N Broadway
Crookston MN 56716

The pier WAS located at Polk County Roadside Park, it has been moved. Google maps shows its old location. The pin we have marked shows its new location but the satellite view does not reflect this change. This fishing pier is located on the east shore of Maple Lake off the public swimming beach. This is multiuse area that includes a fishing pier, swimming beach, and boat landing. This fishing pier is located off an inlet stream which feeds the lake, people commonly fish for sunfish, northern pike and walleye.


This pier is a floating wooden structure that can support many anglers at one time. The common species found here include sunfish, bullheads, walleye, northern pike, and some rough fish. The area used for parking has a gravel base with some soft spots. There is no designated accessible parking areas the area looks like it is a free for all so users are cautioned to park in such a manner that others do no get block you in. The site has other amenities available but most are not accessible. These include a boat dock, swimming beach, and outside privy.  The parking area is located very close to the fishing pier. The pier has a self adjusting transition plate that compensates for changes in lake height. Various methods of fishing are used dependent on species, with the most common being hook and bobber. It is a long pier so some may have difficulty getting to the fishing platform with their gear.  There are various fishing areas where the pier railing is lowered but for most people fishing from a seated position you will be fishing with your arms at shoulders height.

From the parking area to the pier anglers will have to cross the gravel roadway swimmers use to access the beach.  Anglers should use caution when crossing drivers may be looking at water and not expect people to be crossing making their way to the fishing pier.  

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This site is located south of Mentor, MN following Cnty. Hwy 10, 3.6 miles. Traveling south from Mentor visitors will come to a 90 degree left turn (east) which leads to Sandy Beach Rd 1.4 miles. Once you turn left the road will start to follow the lake, after the road swings south you will go past Lakeview Resort and a few cabins. Past the cabins you will see the beach area with the pier after the beach and before the boat ramp.


There is an large porta-potty but the it does not have a ramp into it. The closest town is Mentor which has a restaurant, gas, bait, tackle, etc. Though the park has other features that is usable for people that do not use mobility devises the primary usable feature for people that use wheelchairs is the fishing pier.


The closest towns with motels include Crookston, Red Lake Falls, Fertile, Mahnomen, and Fosston. There are camping areas at McIntosh and Fosston.