Location: Clearwater River Public Fishing Access

Managed by: MN DNR

This site has a boardwalk that includes four accessible fishing platforms that jet out over the Clearwater River. The primary fish that is angled here is trout with stocking generally taking place yearly.

It is our understanding that this area was a collaborative effort of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as well as the Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Options' founder Jay Johnson was asked to provide technical assistance to the developers of this area. While being developed Jay was killed in an ATV accident and as a result of this the designers dedicated the site to Jay's work insuring that the outdoors would be accessible for all.


This site offers the angler various sites from which to choose, though one fishing platform at the time the evaluation was conducted was closed due to ground shifting.  The parking area is hard packed gravel which is fairly level. It looked as though it could take a great deal of precipitation before it would be difficult for a person using a wheelchair. The distance between the parking area and fishing platforms is fairly long with no seating available so if the user has a difficult time with distances they should bring a chair to rest.  These will also be handy while fishing so you do not have to sit on the platform deck.  Users can access the boardwalk at the west end of the parking area. The sites are fairly remote so use caution. Inform people you are close to where you are going and when you will be back so if you do not check in they will come looking for you. While fishing here and like other spots check your cell phone reception to insure you can call for help if need be northern Minnesota does not have the best cell service in some areas.

Mosquitoes and other biting insects are prevalent so bring bug repellent. Platforms are situated in such a manner that no shade is available so you may need suntan lotion. There is no seating available so you may want to bring a chairs for yourself and companions. The distance from the platform to the water is fairly long so you may want to rig up a net with a long pole to reach the waters surface. Based on communication with other anglers live bait works best with the most recommended live bait being night crawlers or meal worms. Meal worms are available in larger pet stores during the summer months but since trout fishing in this part of Minnesota is rare not to often at local bait shops.

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From Solway, MN turn north onto Cnty Rd 5/Centerline Rd and travel 5.5 miles to Cnty Rd 5/Pinewood Rd NW. On Pinewood Rd travel west approximately 1.1 miles looking for parking area on north side of road. The river goes under the road through a culvert and the fishing area is immediately prior to the culvert traveling west. After the culvert there is another parking area for people who are able to hike to the stream and fish the shade offered by the culvert. Solway is a small community located between Bemidji and Bagley MN.


The site offers no amenities so users will have to take care of personal needs prior to getting out to the site. Poison Ivy was seen along the parking area so if someone goes into the bush to relieve themselves please be aware. Area towns offer some amenities such as gas, food, and tackle with the most choice being within Bemidji and Bagley. At time we reviewed this site we anticipated purchasing bait at one of the smaller communities and could not find a bait shop. Consequently, we would recommend purchasing bait and tackle in one of the larger communities.


Lodging can be found in either Bagley or Bemidji, MN with Bemidji offering the greatest choice.