Location: West Fishing Pier of Tamarac Lake

Managed by: Rydell National Wildlife Refuge

Management Address

17788 349th St. SE (Polk County 210)
Erskine MN 56535

Rydell National Wildlife Refuge offers anglers opportunities to fish from either of two piers located on Tamarac Lake. The types of fish commonly found here include pan fish, northern, bull head, and after spring spawn walleye. Rydell National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Prairie Pothole Region of Northwestern Minnesota, between the flat Red River Valley Floodplain to the west and the rolling hardwood forest and lake regions to the east. The refuge visitor center and an extensive trail system allow for optimum wildlife observation and photography. The unique combination of habitats provides sanctuary for an impressive diversity of mammals, raptors, invertebrates and over 100 species of migratory waterfowl and songbirds that breed and migrate through the refuge each year. Rydell National Wildlife Refuge offers visitors with disabilities many self-directed activities including hiking, fishing and in the fall hunting (see website for more information http://www.fws.gov/refuges/profiles/index.cfm?id=32583).


The most common types of fishing include hook and bobber in addition to casting crank-baits into the weeded areas around the pier. Anglers should bring a net to land fish while fishing from this location. The pier is located off a roadway on the west end of Tamarac Lake. Generally, the pier is accessed thru the walking trials from the Visitors Center but visitors with disabilities are able to ask for an accommodation to drive to the pier if their disability precludes them from getting to the pier by other means. The Refuge walking trails are open to the public 24/7 through an access point found at the entrance gate with parking adjacent to the gate when the Refuge is visited while not staffed. When staffed the gate will be open and visitors may enter the Refuge and talk to staff located within the Refuge Headquarters.  The hours of operation are generally from M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  In the summer the Visitors Center may be open during the weekends; Visitors should call the Refuge Headquarters and inquire about the time and day they would be interested in utilizing the pier (800) 841-0172 to insure the Refuge is staffed in order to have motorized access to the pier.

If an accommodation is granted anglers may drive to the pier, stop, and unload their equipment.  Parking is located to the north and slightly east (right hand side looking from the pier towards roadway) in a cut out area in the side of a hill.  The roadway between the  pier and parking area is gravel which is firm and stable when dry.  For persons with limited ability to walk a great distance you may want to bring a companion to park your vehicle.  This pier offers no seating so anglers may want to bring chairs with them. 


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Rydell National Wildlife Refuge is located along U.S. Highway 2, approximately 60 miles east of East Grand Forks, between Erskine and Mentor, Minnesota. From U.S. highway 2, turn south on Polk County Road 210 and follow for approximately 2.5 miles to the refuge gate. Various directional signs are located along the route.


The two closest towns are Mentor and Erskine that offer gas, groceries, bait and tackle. A short distance from the refuge across Cnty Hwy 10 Lakeview Resort is located, this resort offers food and drinks as well as the aforementioned cities.


The closest lodging is found on Maple Lake "Inn at Maple Crossing" and in the communities of Fosston, Red Lake Falls, Crookston, and Mahnomen.