Location: Anderson Waterfowl Production Area

Managed by: Detroit Lakes Wetland Management District

Management Address

26624 N. Tower Road
Detroit Lakes MN 56501-7959

This site is situated in a clearing that overlooks a large slew to the east, woods to the west, hill to north and prairie and continuation of the slew to south. It was developed for deer hunters primarily but could be used to duck hunt as well as to observe nature. Visitors are asked to contact the U.S.F.W.S. to obtain a permit at no cost (218) 847-4431. Detroit Lakes Wetland Management District is located in northwest Minnesota and includes the counties of Becker, Clay, Mahnomen, Norman, and Polk - an area of approximately 6,000 square miles. The district is divided into three general landscape areas, roughly equal in size. From west to east, these are: the Red River Valley floodplain, the glacial moraine/prairie pothole region, and the hardwood/coniferous forest.


This ground stand is of plywood construction and gives a hunter protection from the elements on three sides.  The deck is also plywood.  Users may want to bring a tarp to place across the entrance for further protection.  People who use wheelchairs will have to drive as close as possible to the stand in order to enter it because there is no accessible path of travel leading to the stand.  The stand is placed within an opening that overlooks a slew to the east, woods to the west.  It is designed to give the deer hunter shooting lanes to the north, south, and west.  The stand looks as though it would be close enough to hunt ducks though you may need someone to place the decoys.  The bank of the slew is not high so there is no large embankment to overcome when accessing the water, though it is not known if the slew bottom is sand/gravel or mud.  Views to the west are limited due to the woods but it looked as though there was a deer trail between the woods and slew to the south of the stand 30-50 yards.  To the south west there is a permanent stand on private land that people sitting in this stand should be aware of. 

The trail leading to the stand goes through the prairie and posed no problem to a two wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance.  This area is very remote once in the stand with very limited cell phone coverage so people are advised to inform others of your destination with a check in time so that they can call for help in case you do not check in.  This site is not visited very frequently by any USFWS staff nor can it be seen from the road so it is doubtful anyone would see a person trying to get help. 

The USFWS staff would like visitors to request a Special Use Permit prior to accessing the stand so you will have to call (218) 847-4431 or visit the office in Detroit Lakes. 

At the time this stand was reviewed there was some construction taking place to control runoff and erosion so a visitor may want to insure this has been completed by the fall of 2013.

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From Audubon, MN head east on Hawk St toward 3rd St 348 ft. When you come to 3rd St turn right and travel 387 ft to Falcon St this will be the first left after a tenth of a mile the road will turn into Cnty RD 144 where you will travel 1.1 miles to Cnty Rd 104 where you will turn left and travel seven tenths of a mile hit a "T" in the road and turn right to stay on 104 travel an additional 1.1 mi and look to the east for the water fowl production area gate, which will be a log across a trail. Open the gate and travel the trail straight in when you pass the ditch travel to the woods in front of you veering off to the south following the woods to the back side. Approximately 200 yds on the back side of the woods you will see the stand to the east closer to the slew in the prairie grass.


This is remote with the closest town being Audubon, followed by Detroit Lakes, MN. Either city offers all the normal amenities one needs.


Detroit Lakes offers the most choice when looking for lodging though many of the smaller communities along Hwy 10 have motels available.