Location: Sundew Bog Walk

Managed by: Rydell National Wildlife Refuge

Management Address

17788 349th St. SE (Polk County 210)
Erskine MN 56535

Sundew Bog is a rich fen area that sustains the carnivorous round-leafed sundew plant as well as other rare indigenous plants. It is the most unusual remnant plant community on Rydell Refuge. A boardwalk takes hikers over the bog that is skirted by Tamarac Pine, prairie grasses, and broad-leaf trees. Rydell National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Prairie Pothole Region of Northwestern Minnesota, between the flat Red River Valley Floodplain to the west and the rolling hardwood forest and lake regions to the east. The refuge visitor center and an extensive trail system allow for optimum wildlife observation and photography. The unique combination of habitats provides sanctuary for an impressive diversity of mammals, raptors, invertebrates and over 100 species of migratory waterfowl and songbirds that breed and migrate through the refuge each year. This refuge offers visitors with disabilities many self directed activities including hiking, fishing and in the fall hunting. (see other elements located on Options page and for more information about the Refuge see their website http://www.fws.gov/refuges/profiles/index.cfm?id=32583)


The Boardwalk is accessed via a trail that links it to the Visitors Center.   From the Visitors Center Hikers can enter the trail on the west side of the building.  From there the trail will edge its way around Golden Pond and then cross the maintanence road for a short hike to the bog walk.  At the beginning of the walk hikers will encounter a couple grades/slopes in the trail with benches placed close by so that you can rest.  Once past the south side of Golden Pond the trail levels off where no noticeable grade will be encountered.  From the Visitors Center to the Bog Walk you will hike 7/10s of a mile.  The Bog Walk offers hikers the unique abililty to walk above the bog in order to view its unique plants and animals and around the bog visitors will walk through a combination of prairie and broadleaf forested areas. At various intervals throughout the walk you will find benches and Gazebos in which to rest.  Some are located on the borders of shelter belts while others are placed into the woods.  The total hike going around Golden Pond and then entering the Round Lake Trail System is 1.4 miles.   Remnants in the form of shelter belts from farms that dotted the area remain through out the refuge and can be seen on the side of the walking trail as well as the edge as one enters the wooded stand of trees.  Hikers are invited to walk through the Visitors Center in order to get an idea of the local plants and animals they will see.  The Visitors Center is open most days throughout the summer from 9:00 through 5:00.  Once hikers reach the boardwalk you must remain vigilant in order to spot one of the the most unique plants residing within the Refuge boundaries the round-leafed sundew plant.

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Rydell National Wildlife Refuge is located along U.S. Highway 2, approximately 60 miles east of East Grand Forks, between Erskine and Mentor, Minnesota. From U.S. highway 2, turn south on Polk County Road 210 and follow for approximately 2.5 miles to the refuge gate. Various directional signs are located along the route.


The two closest towns are Mentor and Erskine that offer gas, groceries, bait and tackle. A short distance from the refuge on across Cnty Hwy 10 Lakeview Resort can be found it has food and drinks.


The closest lodging is found on Maple Lake "Inn at Maple Crossing" and in the communities of Fosston, Red Lake Falls, Crookston, and Mahnomen.