Location: Juanita Lake Fishing Pier

Managed by: North Dakota Game and Fish Department

Management Address

100 N. Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck ND 58501-5095

North Dakota Game and Fish Department has partnered with many organizations and individuals in order to provide fishing piers for the public. According to the Dept. the piers meet Americans with Disabilities Standards although as self reported within a May 2, 2014 publication "the route or path from the designated parking area to the pier may not meet specific handicap requirements because of the type of surface, slope, and terrain." Adding that "in almost all cases, persons with a disability can easily access the pier with assistance from another individual." Please refer to pics and description to judge if the pier is usable for you.


Juanita Lake is 680 acres with a maximum depth of almost 12 feet and average depth of eight and one half feet.  Likely fish caught here includes both northern pike and perch.  The design of the pier is an older type with guardrails that cause fishermen at a seated position to hold their rods rather high.  The pier has not seating provided so fishermen will have to bring their own chairs.  Additionally, a bucket or long stringer should be available if fishermen want to keep their catch.  At the time the pier was visited the depth of water off the pier looked as though it was approximately two and half feet with a gravel bottom.  Bobber fishing or repeated casts may be the best avenue for catching fish.  The site has a camp ground, playground, and toilet facilities with limited accessibility.  The toilet facilities was reviewed and found to not possess an accessible route from the parking area to the entrances, no lever handles, and a very tight turning radius into the bath.  The bath has two stall areas that each require a 180 degree turn to transfer from wheelchair to toilet for the women and a single toilet stall that is the same for the men.  The men’s room does have two urinals with a front approach and no grab bars.  Both toilet facilities have no running water available, the waste drained or fell into a pit below.  The camping area is primitive except for offering electrical hookups which look as though are 15 or 20 amps.  A fire ring is provided on the ground close to the camp ground. 

As referenced, see introduction, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department concedes that many of their piers do not have accessible routes designed into their public fishing areas.  This is the case here and because of this you may want to be accompanied by someone else when fishing here to insure you can access the pier if you possess a mobility impairment.  Though the area is relatively level it is made up of very loose gravel, sand, and dirt.  During dry times areas of the approach are soft enough so that people using any ambulatory devises, such as canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, will sink if not careful.  If the approach to the pier is wet due to fairly significant rain the approach may be totally inaccessible.  The approach has no designated driveway or walkway, it looks as through users could get in very close proximity to the pier and transfer from the vehicle in order to cut down the distance a person would have to travel across the gravel. 

The area has limited cell phone coverage.  Fishermen are advised to bring their own food, drinks, bug dope, and suntan lotion.  No well was observed at the site but on the south of the grounds it looked as though a seasonal camp ground was located and to the north a private residence so other sources of water may be accessed if a person asks. 

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Juanita Lake is located two miles east of Grace City.


Carrington, Cooperstown, and New Rockford are regional cities where stores can be accessed to fulfill your shopping needs with smaller communities located in close proximity to the lake for food and groceries.


Located within a 100 feet of the fishing pier is a camping area. It is a relatively primitive site but offering campers an electrical hookup for ten dollars a night. Area cities, see above, have motels available though accessibility of the units vary so perspective guests need to question proprietors to insure the room meets their needs.