Location: John Staley Fishing Pier, Ryan Park

Managed by: Grand Forks Park Board

Management Address

1060 47th Ave S
Grand Forks ND 58201

This pier is provided by the Grand Forks Park Board and provides a fishing opportunity to visitors of Ryan Park. Access to the pier is a challenge because persons have to carry their fishing gear a great distance from the closest parking area. Please review the site using the satellite view of Google to judge if you can travel the distance required to access the pier. The Mission of the Grand Forks Park District is to provide the best parks, programs, facilities, forestry services and other services possible to promote a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for all citizens of Grand Forks. The pier was put in place to offer young people another safer alternative to fishing the local rivers.



Designed for families to take a kid fishing with little regard for accessibility other than to insure that the pier is accessible, this Pier can offer young people with disabilities a chance at fishing without driving a great distance and is less dangerous than other waters in close proximity to Grand Forks (Red and Red Lake Rivers). Persons using the site will need to be able to go approximately 100 yards from an accessible trail to the pier across grass. The closest parking area can be found southwest of South Middle School, 2001 47th Ave S, with a paved trail joining the parking area to the point where a person will have to go off trail to the pier. This pond is stocked regularly with Blue Gills.  Persons with an ambulatory disability that do not use a mobility devise may find it difficult to transport themselves and their gear to the pier due to the distance involved.  People who use manual wheelchairs will in all probability need a way to tie down their fishing equipment in order to use both their arms; it may be difficult to balance the equipment on your lap the distance required while propelling your wheelchair.

Located on the grounds is a portable toilet that is designed to be accessible but is not connected to any other elements by an accessible route.  Just like traveling to the pier persons will have to travel across the grass. Though benches surround the pond in addition to picnic tables none are in close proximity or were noted as accessible or on an accessible route.

This site does not allow ice fishing during the winter months and users are directed to become knowledgeable of the North Dakota Fishing rules prior to fishing here.  It is recommended that people practice catch and release so you may want to bend your barbs prior to fishing.   This location offers no mature trees for shade and a potable water source was not identified, so you may want to carry water and suntan lotion in addition to the always needed mosquito spray.  This site is free.   


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The closest location that provides parking and an accessible route in close proximity to the Pier is "South Middle School" located at 2001 47th Ave S. and South 20th St in the south end of Grand Forks. Just follow South 20th Street until you can not go south any longer next to the school and look for parking along the west side. The extreme southern parking lot serves a group of Grand Forks Park Board maintenance buildings and to the east of those is a green space that is dissected by a trail that leads to the pond. Visitors are directed to Google Maps, Satellite View to study the layout between the parking area, accessible route, and Pier so that they can learn out to get to the site. For those people whom wish to use Google Maps please enter the address listed above or Google maps will bring you to a closer residential road to the pier but visitors will have to go through residential lots to access the pier instead of using the walking trail.


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