Location: Mount Carmel Dam Fishing Pier

Managed by: Cavalier County Water Resource Board

Like most of the piers found at reservoirs in North Dakota accessibility is limited by the terrain, seeing how the rivers are generally dammed with the water backing up into small to large canyons. On this site visitors will not see the water until almost on top of it with the pier seen at the bottom of an embankment on the lakes shoreline. It is reported that this site is managed by the County but no substantiation could be found who is in charge of the site, just anecdotal information.


This resevoir is a very popular local destination in order to camp, fish and recreate (see Mt Carmel Dam Recreation Area listing on this site).  Within a few miles of this site people can access a boat ramp, camping, picnicking, and seasonal camping sites, see city of Langdon link within the Amenities Heading below.  Locals are very friendly and will gladly assist you in learning what is biting and what to use for bait.  

This site offers no accessible route between the parking area and pier but you can park very close to the pier to minimize the rough terrain you would have to navigate over.  Though the fishing pier threshold is slightly raised on one side, see picture, it does fold down with a little downward force.  During wet weather the area may become muddy.  Closer to the ramp the graveled areas become more dirt based vs. gravel so front wheels, cane/crutch tips and walker wheels may sink so be aware.  The garbage barrel found on site is not located in an accessible location so you will have to pack out your garbage.  This is a very primitive site with no power or amenities.  At the time of the evaluation two wooden benches were located on each end of the pier.  No other seating can be found on site so people would need to bring their own chairs of they wanted a seat with a back rest.  No rest stations are found or any eating facilities such as picnic tables or grills.  It is unknown if the road would become too slippery to navigate in wet conditions, visitors are cautioned if their vehicle would have a difficult time with wet roadways.   

The fishing pier found at Mount Carmel Dam can give anglers a chance to catch perch, walleye, and northern pike. Within a netting report produced by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department it was reported that the perch are on the smaller size, with the Northerns in the 21" to 28" range.  The same report found that most of the walleye's are under 2 pounds (North Dakota Game and Fish Department 2014).  

The pier is a metal floating one that is "T" shaped.  Two rod holders are mounted on the guard rail. At the time the pier was reviewed the depth off the pier was about four feet with aquatic plants surrounding the pier.  It is recommended that anglers be able to cast a distance to get past the plants and to the deeper depths of the reservoir.  



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The fishing pier is located 9 miles north on County Hwy 1 (160 Ave NE), 2 miles east on 102nd St NE, and 2 miles north on 108th Ave NE. Driving from Langdon on Cnty. Hwy 1 drivers will see signs directing them to the site. When drivers are directed north on 108 Ave a sign will be seen stating that the road has a dead end. Drivers are to keep heading north even when main roadway turns to the east (right) to another boat landing. Drivers will come to the bank where they drive down the pier.


Langdon is the closest community found from fishing Site with all the amenities a small town has to offer. Visitors can follow this business directory link to identify where the business they are looking for is located. http://www.cityoflangdon.com/business_directory.html


Langdon offers visitors a couple motels to choose from as well as a Bed and Breakfast (see link above for listing), if you are looking for a campground one can be found a few miles away from the fishing pier as well as within the city limits of Langdon.