Location: Homme Dam Accessible Pier

Managed by: Walsh County

Management Address

600 Cooper Ave
Grafton ND 58237

"Homme Dam campground and recreation area is a quiet, peaceful place right in the middle of the prairie. A place to enjoy all that nature has to offer. The Walsh County Park Board operates the park near the dam and provides facilities for boat launching, fishing, picnicking, and camping. For those who prefer more solitude, 200 acres of surrounding land, managed by the Corps of Engineers, is open to hunting, hiking and picnicking," www.hommedam.com .


This pier offers anglers a chance to fish for various species including perch, crappie, pike, walleye, white sucker and bullheads.  The perch and crappie are reported as “rather small’ while the pike and walleye as “nice”.  A caretaker that was at the site while the location was being evaluated stated that perch were the predominant species caught from the pier.  The Park the pier is located in close proximity too has a use fee while the fishing pier does not have any fee attached to its use.  For persons interested in using the Park many amenities can be found including a fish cleaning station, bathhouses, campground, picnic area, grills, and a playground.  Much of the Park is connected by sidewalk though not always with curb cuts.  The fish cleaning station has a wood post border surrounding it which inhibits any persons that use mobility devises from being able to use it.

The floating fishing pier is metal and offers no seating.  The roadway and parking area is gravel which was noted as somewhat loose.  Visitors can park very close to the pier reducing the amount of gravel a person would have to cross to reach the small sidewalk in front of the pier threshold.  The threshold was a nice transition that looked like it would be easily crossed to get onto the pier.  The area looks like it is used a great deal so visitors should be able to garner information from locals as the best way to fish from the pier.  The care taker reported he liked to use hook and bobber while fishing off the pier and said it was a wonderful place to bring people that are new to fishing because of the small fish action. 

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Two miles West of Park River, ND within the boundaries of Homme Dam Recreational Area. As you enter the Recreation Area go to the left branch of the road to the boat landing. The accessible pier is found to the west (left) of the Boat Ramp.


Park River is the closest community to Homme Dam with multiple businesses, see link http://www.parkrivernd.govoffice2.com/index.asp?SEC=31444608-3229-447D-95E8-10A35A698B78&Type=B_BASIC.


Homme Dam has a camp ground with electricity. Bathhouses have roll in showers but do not have hand held showers just a wall mounted shower head. Park River has a motel but it is not known if the motel has any accessible rooms. Please call and insure your needs can be met prior to staying, phone numbers can be found on the link above within the Amenities Section of this site.