Location: Conservation Park Pier

Managed by: New Rockford Conservation Park

Management Address

New Rockford ND


An associate here at our office, who grew up in New Rockford, reported that this little reservoir used to be a great place to catch Northern Pike.  Looking at the water with reading the current information supplied by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department (2014 Stocking Report) about its fish levels I would think it still would be today.  A depth map can be viewed at the following link, See http://www.gf.nd.gov/gnf/maps/fishing/lakecontours/newrockfordreservoir2012.pdf.

  This site is a primitive one by some peoples standards, meaning no facilities or running water available but does offer the visitor some picnic areas with shaded shelters and picnic tables.  There are no formal paths of travel between any of the features and from the looks of the soil it would seem to get very muddy if wet.  I do not have a picture of any of the grounds posted but it is very similar to the second picture showing the area prior to the road.  There are no formal parking areas so I would assume a person can park very close to any of the features to make the travel without accessible routes easier and if anyone has a problem just explain why you have the need. 

The fishing pier has a few challenges which include no accessible path of travel, ramp lift is not leveled properly, and the steep slope.  The latter is a result of the terrane and users will need to be able to get themselves down and up a slope on the gravel prior to the pier lip of between 1:09.  The pier has the first half of the pier has a slope a little greater than 1:12 while the last is about a 1:07 for a distance of approximately 6’  Once on the pier it has a cross slope resulting in the farthest edge from the shore tilting towards the water.  Persons with balance problems, muscle weakness, should use cation so they do not fall or get stranded, assistance maybe needed.  If you know of a steep ramp you can always practice a bit to see if these type of slopes are usable for you. 

While fishing you may want to bring a chair so you have a place to sit as well as your favorite refreshments and snacks.  While taking a look at this site I saw some folks fishing and it looked like they were casting daredevils and plugs and reeling them back in.

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From Hwy 281 go to New Rockford where you will turn west on Central Ave to 13th St N. At 13th St N turn North (right) and travel approximately .6 tenths of mile. Prior to the turn to the Park you will go between two bodies of water and just immediately to the left (west) is the turn into to the Park.


New Rockford offers visitors many locations to purchase the things they need the business district being about one mile away from the pier, see http://www.cityofnewrockford.com/index.asp?SEC=2DBD828F-8AB6-4010-8621-575401C668BD&Type=B_BASIC for information.


For lodging there are a couple of Lodges available as well as some camping areas though visitors are cautioned to inquire about the accessibility of the accommodations to insure it meets their needs, see http://www.cityofnewrockford.com/index.asp?SEC=592189DD-0466-4EDD-BA17-E45552C77E3C&Type=B_BASIC.