Location: Lake Bemidji South Fishing Pier

Managed by: City of Bemidji

Management Address

Bemidji MN

Lake Bemidji borders the City of Bemidji on the east and south. Lake Bemidji is a larger lake that is approximately 11 square miles and goes to depths in excess of 70 ft. This area is a one of the larger tourist areas in Minnesota and offers visitors a great deal of recreational activities in both winter and summer. For persons interested in the many activities Bemidji has to offer please go to their web site http://bemidji.org/pages/Visitor. The lake has a diverse number of fish species including black crappie, bluegill, sunfish, largemouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike, pumpkinseed, rock bass, walleye, and yellow perch. This pier is just off the heart of Bemidji’s historic downtown district where visitors can visit various eateries, theaters, and small stores.


Though presenting fisher persons with a disability a challenge due to the grade change and the distance from parking area to the pier once a fisherman gets to the pier they have an opportunity to catch a great number of different species.  The southeast parking area will give users a choice of two trails one that is chipped stone and the other requiring the user to travel a bit further that is tar.  The tar trail goes up to a sidewalk that parallels the main street ringing the lake until a sign designating the name and benefactors that made the pier possible.  At that point users will veer off towards the lake and then parallel to the lake to the pier (see pictures above).  If a user uses the crushed stone trail it is rougher and narrower but a little shorter in distance and grade.  It appears that it could take wet conditions very well but a person should use this trail with cation if it is during a wet period.  No washouts were noticed during the site visit with generally means it is stable.  From the tee where the two trails meet to the pier the slope will be downhill to the pier which appears greater than 1/20 and in some areas as great as a ramp slope if not greater for a few feet.  

The pier is a “T” shaped one with two railing cut outs when fishing from a seated position.  The pier jets out into the channel of the Mississippi River which connects two bodies of water, Lake Irving to the southwest and Lake Bemidji.  It was observed that people using the pier used both bobber rigs as well as casting rigs.   A great deal of bait fish was observed swimming around the shallower areas of the pier.  The pier does not have any seating available so users may want to bring a chair.  The distance would be a challenge for people with ambulatory disabilities and for persons having difficulty getting all their equipment to the pier in one trip.     


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The pier is located just across from the historic business district, look for the Blue Ox and the ax carrying Paul Bunyan statues located on the shoreline of Lake Bemidji across the road from the business district. Signs can be seen for these statues from all entry points going into Bemidji. The fishing pier is located south along the shore immediately prior to a bridge crossing the Mississippi River. Walk from the parking lot along the shoreline south you will see the pier as you come to the river. The formal location is off the west side of the Mississippi Bridge on the south shore of Lake Bemidji, located on Paul Bunyan Drive SE.


Bemidji, Minnesota offers shoppers a verity of shopping experiences including big box stores as well as small gift shops. Bait and tackle can be purchased at various locations within the community including Tabor's Bait located at 2404 Bemidji Ave N, 218.751.5781.


Bemidji, Minnesota is a major northern Minnesota tourist location and offers all types of lodging including camping, motels, hotels, resort cabins, and B & B's all within a few miles of the pier.